Amity College offers all ACCA modules at our South West London (Wimbledon) campus at affordable prices and taught by well-qualified tutors with years of commercial experience.

Why Study ACCA With Us?

Because of our:

Unique Approach Extended learning hours and a range of study options such as our Digital Learning Support Services.
Qualified & Professional Tutors Our ACCA tutors have industrial and professional experience to inform their teaching.
Facilities & Location Library and learning facilities and modern computer labs with access to a variety of up to date hardware & software. We are also centrally located in Wimbledon less than five minutes walk from the main line train station.
Student Support Services We have a comprehensive support and welfare structure in place to help students with all kinds of different problems from Personal Tutors, Counselling, Disability and External Services to Security.
Consistently High Pass Rate The College has consistently had very high pass rates in the ACCA exams.
Affordable Course Fees Our tuition fees are highly competitive with pledge to save our students money whenever possible.

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was founded in 1904. Today, it is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing international accountancy organisations, with 362,000 students and 131,500 members across 170 countries.

ACCA is one of the world's leading accountancy organisations. Its members are internationally recognised in public practice, industry, commerce and the public sector. ACCA membership also allows you to obtain status as a Registered Auditor.


Entry requirements

Professional Examination Route:

Minimum Entry requirements to register for the ACCA course, starting at the ACCA Knowledge level, are two A Levels plus 3 GCSEs in five separate subjects (including English and Mathematics), or the equivalent. Those students in possession of higher qualifications may be eligible for exemptions from some of the ACCA examinations.

Mature Student Entry Route:

The mature student entry route is for students aged over 21 years, who do not hold the minimum entry qualifications. This route allows students to enter the programme under the condition that they pass papers F1, F2 and F3 of the ACCA Qualification.

ACCA Exemptions for Degree Holders:

Holders of recognised business and/or accounting degrees will be considered for ACCA exemption from some or all of the papers in Knowledge & Skills levels, if they have previously studied and been assessed in comparable subject areas. Students with non-relevant degrees will not receive exemption from the examinations.

We advise you to check your starting point with ACCA before you enrol on the course.

ACCA exam dates

There are 4 exam sittings each year:

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December


Registration with ACCA

All students who wish to sit ACCA examinations must:

  • Register as a student with ACCA
  • Register to sit specific exams with ACCA (you will be sent an exam entry form once you have registered with ACCA)

Enrolment on an Amity College course does not register you with ACCA.


ACCA exam entry deadlines

You must register to sit exams:

  • For March exams - Between 14th November to 30th January (late entry: 6th February. Online Only )
  • For June exams - Between 13th to 30th April (late entry: 8th May. Online Only)
  • For September exams - Between 15th May to 31st July (late entry: 7th August. Online Only)
  • For December exams - Between 14th August to 30th October (late entry: 6th November. Online Only)

Note: ACCA charges a fee for late entries. You may also be eligible for a discount if you apply early i.e. on 8th March\September (online only). Please Check with ACCA for terms and conditions.


ACCA enquiry service

For further information on entry requirements, ACCA exam registration, and exemptions contact: 

ACCA Connect
2 Central Quay, 89 Hyde Park Street
Glasgow, G3 8BW, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 141 582 2000
Fax: +44 (0) 141 582 2222
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Exemption, registration and exam entry deadline dates are approximate and should be checked with ACCA.



Please see the ACCA 2011 syllabus page to familiarise yourself with recent changes.


The ACCA syllabus consists of 14 papers divided into four levels:

  • Knowledge - 3 papers
  • Skills – 6 papers
  • Essentials – 3 papers
  • Options – 2 papers from 4


FUNDAMENTALS LEVEL (9 papers in total)

  • KNOWLEDGE MODULE (all 3 papers)
      • Accountant in Business - F1 (AB)
      • Management Accounting F2 (MA)
      • Financial Accounting      F3 (FA)

    These 3 papers' exams can be taken online as Computer Based Exams (CBE) at Amity College

    • SKILLS MODULE (all 6 papers)
      • Corporate and Business Law - F4 (CL)
      • Performance Management    - F5 (PM)
      • Taxation - F6 (TX)
      • Financial Reporting - F7 (FR)
      • Audit and Assurance - F8 (AA)
      • Financial Management - F9 (FM)

  • PROFESSIONAL LEVEL (5 papers in total)

    • ESSENTIALS MODULE (all 3 papers)
      • Governance, Risk and Ethics - P1 (GR&E)
      • Corporate Reporting (UK or International) - P2 (CR)
      • Business Analysis - P3 (BA)


    • OPTIONS MODULE (any 2 papers)
      • Advanced Financial Management - P4 (AFM)
      • Advanced Performance Management - P5 (APM)
      • Advanced Taxation - P6 (ATX)
      • Advanced Audit and Assurance (UK or International) - P7 (AAA)


Exam Regulations

  • All modules must be sat in order
  • Maximum of four papers to be taken in one sitting
  • Papers within a module may be sat in any order but ACCA recommends that they should be sat in numerical order
  • Papers from a variety of levels may be sat at any one time. i.e. Knowledge and Skills or Skills and Essentials
  • The three Essentials papers do not have to be sat together
  • Students have 10 years to pass all the examinations
  • The pass mark for all examinations is 50%
  • In addition to the above 14 papers, students are required to study and sit an on-line module in Professional ethics. It is recommended that this is studied at the same time as P1
  • Practical experience required

ACCA 2011 Syllabus

This guide is an important summary for existing ACCA Students. Student who yet to start their ACCA course are not affected.

Students re-sitting any ACCA exams must ensure that they are up to date with the recent changes to the syllabus and are not revising topics that are no longer covered in the exam.



      • There is no structural change to the syllabus; students will still have to complete all 14 papers, including a choice of 2 out of 4 options.
      • The rules relating to: registration, exemption and progression through the syllabus are unchanged.
      • There are the same number of papers at each level, covering the same broad subject matter with one change - P1 "Professional Accountant" will now be referred to as "Governance, Risk and Ethics"
      • The examinations will continue to be set twice a year, taking place in June and December - With Computer Based Examination (CBE) available for the three papers in the Knowledge module (Papers F1, F2, F3)


Fundamentals Knowledge Module (Papers F1, F2, F3)

No changes to the Knowledge Module will be made until December 2011.


Fundamentals Skills Module (Papers F4 to F9)

Paper Removed from syllabus Added to Syllabus
F4 Corporate Business Law No change to syllabus  
F5 Performance Management Implications of switching costing techniques for pricing, sales strategy, performance management and decision-making. Back-flush Accounting Additional decision-making techniques and advanced variance analysis.
F6 Taxation Nothing deleted from the syllabus. Change to exam paper format to reflect simplification of capital gains tax. Inheritance Tax and additional VAT knowledge.
F7 Financial Reporting (INT) Nothing deleted from the syllabus Consolidation exemptions and exceptions.
F8 Audit and Assurance Planning and Risk Assessment Planning an Audit Audit Framework and Regulation; Internal Control; Audit Procedures and Audit Evidence.
F9 Financial Management Nothing deleted from the syllabus Concepts of Islamic Finance


Core Professional Level (Papers P1 to P3)

Paper Removed from syllabus Added to Syllabus
P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics Nothing removed from the syllabus Identifying and Assessing Risk; 
Controlling and Managing Risk.
P2 Corporate Reporting (INT) Hyperinflation 
Implementation issues on adoption of IFRSs 
IFRIC interpretations
Reconstruction schemes; IFRS for SMEs; Consolidation Exemptions and Exceptions
P3 Business Analysis Quality Issues 
Performance Management 
Reward Management
Cost and Management Accounting; Forecasting; Project Management; E-business.


Optional Professional Level (Papers P4 to P7)

Paper Removed from syllabus Added to Syllabus
P4 Advanced Financial Management Preparing advice on personal finance Predicting corporate failure (old sections D1 a & b) Emerging financial derivatives Financial Strategy Formulation – risk diversification; Current developments
P5 Advanced Performance Management Pricing Performance measurement systems and design; Strategic performance measurement; Performance evaluation and corporate failure; Current developments.
P6 Advanced Taxation Nothing removed from the syllabus Nothing added to the syllabus
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance Some basic aspects of practice management, assignments and reporting. The impact of internal audit on an external audit.


Our Unique Approach

We afford you the opportunity to attain your ACCA qualification in a unique way through extended learning hours and extending the core modules with our range of study options such as our Digital Learning Support Services, which utilises modern technologies such as Skype, IM and Email to support your studies. We are also firm believers in the adage “practise makes perfect” which is why we adopt a mixture of both academic and practical approach to teaching.



This course is normally available to all nationals but non-EU students may require a UK Short Term Visa. The ordinary 'short-term student' category will allow you to come to the UK if you are 18 years or older, and want to enter:

      • for up to 6 months to study a short course OR
      • for up to 11 months to study an English language course OR
      • if you are enrolled on a course abroad that is at least equivalent to the level of a UK bachelor's degree, you can enter for up to 6 months to do research, or to receive tuition on how to conduct research, at a UK institution

Employment is usually allowed but restricted on this type of visa


The ACCA timetable structure may require a 3 - 9 hours per week mode of attendance but with our extended learning hours, student can expect to gain an additional 10 hours of study time.


Course Outline

Fundamentals Knowledge Module (F1, F2 and F3)

This programme prepares you for the external examinations of the ACCA in March, June, September or December at Amity College.


Our one year and three months programme covers the entire ACCA papers. The Fundamentals Level is taught in the initial nine months of study. The Knowledge Module (Papers F1, F2 and F3) of the Fundamentals Level constitute the first semester of the course (8 to 10 weeks duration, 3 hours per week per module i.e. 9 hours per week in total for all three modules). Students then completes the Skills Module (F4 - F9) within the second and third semester.


Professional Module

Semester four and five of the course prepares students for all the Professional Level papers (The three Essential Modules: P1 - P3 and two Options Module from P4 - P7)


See our:


Our ACCA Prices for 2017

Pdf Click here to download the 2017 fees


Our Location and Facilities

At Amity College we understand the need to provide high quality services and facilities to complement the teaching and learning process. The Amity College campus provides an attractive and comfortable setting. You can expect to find the following:


  • A friendly and safe learning environment
  • Modern computer labs with access to a variety of up to date hardware & software
  • Bright comfortable classrooms
  • Self access study areas
  • Quiet study rooms
  • Language Learning Aids
  • Modern audio-visual equipment
  • Canteen and coffee bar
  • Internet access
  • Accommodation finding service
  • Welfare and support services


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