Excel Advanced

Our Microsoft Excel Advanced course is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of Excel who wish to progress to the most complicated functions and features. A working knowledge of Excel or our Excel Intermediate course.



  • At the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Excel.
  • You will be able to perform the most advanced calculations and functions, manipulate data using pivot tables and 'advanced' analysis, record macros and integrate with other office applications.


Duration & Cost

Option 1: 
1 day (9 hours), was £450, currently only £195

Option 2: 
3 days (3 hours per day), was £450, currently only £195

Option 3: 
12 Weeks (6 hours per week - 3 hours per day), £1500.00


Course Syllabus

  • Using logical functions

    Naming ranges

    - Creating named ranges
    - Using named ranges in formulas

    The IF function (recap)
    Creating nested IF functions
    AND and OR functions
    Combining logical functions

  • Working with lookups

    The VLOOKUP function
    The HLOOKUP function

  • Advanced list management

    Using data validation

    - Setting criteria for entry of text, values and dates
    - Creating a dropdown list

    Using database functions

    - Setting up criteria
    - DSUM
    - DCOUNT
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts

Using the PivotTable Wizard
Rearranging PivotTables
Using the PivotTable toolbar
Creating PivotCharts
Using Slicers to manipulate PivotTables

  • Using analytical options

Using Goal Seek
Using the Solver add-in
Working with scenarios

- Creating and saving scenarios
- Viewing scenarios

  • Macros

Creating macros
Using the macro recorder
Viewing and editing macro VBA code

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