Pre-Arrival Guide

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  • Student visa / entry clearance to study in the UK
  • Check information and fees for your course and cost of living in UK
  • If you have a disability, contact College for special arrangements
  • Buy travel tickets
  • Check your government’s restrictions on taking money out of the country
  • Check with your bank about regulations concerning transferring money to the UK
  • Check your luggage weight against your airline’s allowances
  • Obtain travellers’ cheques and British currency for use during first few days or weeks
  • Photocopy the personal details pages of your passport and visa stamp and keep them in a safe place.
  • Contact the college about your arrival date in UK and arrange for Airport Pickup if needed
  • Bring suitable clothes for the time of the year
  • The telephone number of your family
  • The telephone number of your contact in the UK. For example, friends, family, or your host. 

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