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The English Combination Courses feature both group and individual lessons to meet your specific needs in General English, Work-related English or English for Special Purposes (ESP).

 English Combination Courses

Our English Combination Courses are ideal for clients who have two basic requirements:

  • To develop their all-round fluency in English
  • To have some specific English language training to meet their personal or professional needs

Your needs are always assessed prior to the commencement of the course. You can vary the intensity of your course with different combinations of group and individual tuition.

We have experience in delivering courses for clients from many different professional areas. We have been working in the corporate market for many years and as a consequence have developed several areas of expertise which we can now offer as English Combination Courses with ESP. 

Our English Combination Courses include:



Full Time


Beginner to Advanced


Up to 51 Weeks


21 hours per week (15 hours English and 6 hours Add-On)
Start Date Every Monday
Price Available on request English Combination Courses Cart

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